Our Fees

We are a fee-only financial planner and so we serve all our clients in a fiduciary capacity. This ensures we are acting in the best interest of our clients.

Our source of compensation is only the fee we charge to our clients. There is no commission involved of any kind in our services. Hence we are more of a partner to our clients who work with them to ensure the financial decisions our clients make are sound and help them achieve their life goals.

Our fee structure is very transparent. We do not have any hidden cost and our fees revolve around Life Plan System we have designed for you. The sole objective of our services is meeting our client’s requirements.

Give below is our fee schedule for our Life Plan System:

PSN Life Plan System- For First 12 Months

PSN Life Plan System

*Write to us for an introductory limited offer

**We have preferred rates for Single Parents with special needs child to care

Services Under PSN Life Plan System

  1. Consultation with Experts on child assessment for various services
  2. Guidance & Assistance to the family on various processes required for child care- Legal Guardianship, Disability Certificate, Unique Disability Card and Others
  3. Periodic reviews and assessment on child care services
  4. Guidance and Support in identifying appropriate institution for the child (Presently in Delhi/NCR. For other cities we will work on case basis)

Life Plan System – After First 12 Months

We have  a review system based on the support delivered for various elements covered under Life Plan System. We will discuss in the first year and help you understand the review process under Life Plan System. Based on services still needed we will determine the fee.

Foundational Planning System – For First 12 Months

FP services 2020

















*All quoted fees are exclusive of Taxes


  • If the above services includes Asset Monitoring from 1st Year (Rs 40 Lakh and above) then Assets Under Advise  fees (Illustrated Below) will be applicable from the first year 
  • For NRIs & Businessman, only Full Plan is applicable and the fee for this service is Rs. 30000
  • The client would receive Guidance & Assistance on various processes required for Special Needs Child care within this one year
  • Financial Plan fees are one time & it will be charged when plan be revised after 3-4 years
  • All fees are subject to revisions every 3 years

# We work on a Virtual Model also so we can help families across the globe Financial Planning

Foundational Planning System- After first 12 Months

Ongoing Services

The client signing up for our ongoing services would be entitled to the following services:

General Services

  1. Telephonic consultation with other Experts
  2. Guidance & Assistance to the family on various processes required for child care- Legal Guardianship, Disability Certificate, Unique Disability Card and Others

Financial Services

  1. Guidance, support and periodic reviews
  2. Assessing need on estate plan documents reviews

All fees quoted above are subject to review every 3 years.

Asset Monitoring (If Opted)

Here our fees are based on the Assets Under our Advise:

Asset Under Advise Annual Fee
Rs. 40 lakh – Rs. 2.0 cr 0.60%
Rs. 2.0 Cr and above 0.40%

*All fees quoted above are exclusive of Taxes  and payable Quarterly

* The above fee will become applicable (from first year) if the assets under our advice is Rs 40 lakh and above 

Estate Planning

These services will include Will or Trust creation. This may require taking help of other professionals like CA, lawyer or other organizations from the respective areas. The actual fees will be quoted to you after the initial discussion and identifying the scope of work.

Estate Planning Minimum Fee (Rs.)
Estate Plan 15000
Will Drafting 8000
Trust Deed 50000

*All fees quoted above are for document preparation and exclusive of Taxes 

*The  actual fee will be determined based on the complexities involved

 Other Services

Fee for any other services you can check out services section. Areas where we do not have expertise or we may have to involve other experts, fees will be quoted as per the scope of work involved.

To understand more about our services and fee structure:

Disclaimer: The above information on fee schedule on our services is for general reference and discussion purposes only. A signed and dated Client Service Agreement for respective services is the only official source of fee quotes and the only binding offer of service recognized by Plan Special Needs. Actual fees will depend on each client’s specific planning needs.