How We Create A Difference ?

At Plan Special Needs, we believe that a plan is a powerful tool. Reaching your long-term financial objectives hinges on having the right plan — one that fits your unique circumstances and grows with you. Planning your financial future can be a daunting task. You may be concerned about not having enough funds which can support your child needs and your retirement or security of the child when you are not there. That’s where Plan Special Needs comes in. Through our Life Plan System, we help you in addressing concerns around which your life revolves.

We have created a process for you which helps you in addressing the concerns related to meeting financial commitments and allow you as a parent to have a piece of mind. Our process begins by understanding your story which involves two generations- you and your child.  This understanding helps us to involve deeply in knowing about your child lifespan and as a parent what’s your concern towards the child. While taking you through the process we focus on your understanding about your requirements which are unique. We also ensure that other family members needs are also addressed in the planning process.

Our planning process is structured Like below wherein we start with the understanding the process and slowly move to the financial planning. In between, we help you in resolving non-financial matters which may have been bothering you or you may be unaware of.

Process Chart

Process Chart

As you can see our process is all about you. Securing the life of loved one with special needs on the best possible manner, allowing siblings to live their own life and give parents and future guardians a piece of mind is what we thrive to achieve when we work with you.  To know more about what we do, how we do it and how you can start to visit our Financial Planning Engagement

The Financial Planning Engagement

You may have your advisor, insurance agent, investment professional, legal professional, CA and many more who may be advising you on various matters related to your needs. But it’s difficult to coordinate between these professionals and collate information yourself. The other drawback is that you do not find enough professionals with expertise of understanding about your child various life stages. They are not well aware of the means to be used to sail through your unique financial situation. This creates a huge gap in your financial planning and the majority of the issues remains unaddressed. In most traditional planning you have an overflow of information from various sources which you have to coordinate them to bring a successful output. It puts you in humongous task making you less effective.

Our Financial Planning Engagement helps you in meeting this gap. As your financial planner, we coordinate with different professionals and brings you strategies which fit your unique needs. Once engaged for the long term we continue to manage your family financial affairs through the structure we create for you.

The process below illustrates how we address your various concerns through our financial plan. You are at the center stage of our process wherein you remain informed on all the matters which we bring to you by coordinating with various professionals.


Thus, this engagement takes care of various aspects of your financial & non-financial worries. Once you have gone through this process then you are more aware of your unique situation, its worries, and solutions to them.

The Scope of Engagement

We have a define engagement process wherein we meet in person, through teleconferencing or through emails at periodic intervals to ensure the strategies we draw meets your specific needs. We conduct regular session either in person, teleconferencing or any other mode of communication where you and we can discuss at length.

Through our financial planning engagement, we wish to address the following concerns-

  • Making you understand the unique requirements of your family which can arise in the future
  • Securing the financial future of the special needs loved one to ensure a quality life when you are there and when you are not there
  • Understanding the guardian role and helping you to create a guardianship plan
  • Working on identifying the strength and capabilities of your special need child.
  • Connect you to the expert to address non-financial issues
  • Create a financial plan for you to draw a roadmap for the child and your future
  • Identifying the cost of your requirements in monetary terms
  • Identifying your child future needs which will include housing, Healthcare, Special Education, Social Presence, Transportation arrangements
  • Defining the financial cost of these and other future needs
  • Identifying available resources and gaps in fulfilling your financial commitments
  • Getting an update on government support and identifying the viable ones
  • Making you understand the importance of Will, trust and Other estate planning tools
  • Assisting you in creating wills, trust, and other documents
  • Discussing and Identifying suitable trustees for your trust
  • Assisting in implementing your strategic plan
  • Reviewing periodically to accommodate changes in your situation and unique requirement

To know more about our life planning engagement and how you can start to schedule your complimentary initial consultation session.