Plan Special Needs

The difficult part of the planning when you have loved one with special needs is identifying the lifetime cost. What corpus do you need? How much Is enough to sustain child expenses etc.. are questions which are asked in each forum. Though you can be shown numbers on calculators it’s not enough. As a parent of a special need dependent your situation is unique and so is your financial situation. What cost you need to prepare for your special need child future rest on many other factors like government support, support from relatives/friends, and funds for your own lifetime.

We help you in making aware on all the aspects which impact your financial planning so that you have a much deeper understanding of your future requirements. It’s not only about your absence but you have to plan for your child requirements during your lifetime. There are many life stages which you will face where you will experience difficult decisions. How to sail through them and what should be planned is where we assist you.

Here are different elements we cover while planning for you-

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Retirement planning incorporating needs of the special need
  • Planning for the special need including cost analysis of the financial & non-financial support, residential needs, government entitlements, introducing other professional/agencies
  • Insurance planning including concern of the death/disability of parent or guardian
  • Estate Planning including guidance on appointing a guardian, formation of a will or a trust for the special need
  • Tax Planning
  • Other Important Financial goals
  • Discussion with other professionals for assisting on services where we do not have expertise

Below are our objectives we wish to achieve through our Guidance-

  • To help you in creating a secure life for your special needs loved one
  • Identify appropriate guardians
  • Identify very clearly the qualities of our loved ones
  • Determine the future requirements of your loved ones and monetize them
  • To help you understand how to optimize your resources
  • Make you understand about Wills and Trusts
  • To help you identify suitable trustees for your child
  • Determine an equal distribution among your legal heirs and ensure this distribution is fair to all
  • Help you create your own retirement plan
  • Bring action plan to you and assist you in implementing the strategies
  • You are having a lifelong guide to help you manage the plan
How to Begin?

Meet us for first assessment where we discuss your situation. Meantime you can avail our ebook and learn basics of what we are going to plan. We will work with you on One to One Engagement to plan holistically for your LIFE goals.