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    6 Easy Steps to Bring Comfort & Security for Your Family 

              • Stories of families with special needs children who manage their affairs with financial planning approach
              • 6 short emails with tips on special needs financial planning to implement
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PSN 6 Step Life Plan System is a clearly defined process designed to create a Comfort, Security, and Independence around your life. The process works around different life stages of the special needs child and ensures that you have the piece of mind and there is always a close bonding in your family. Here we understand your thoughts, experience and your awareness towards your child life i.e. Your Story. Once we know about you and your family we work towards the special needs  life stages to bring the  road map for your family integrating financial, legal and other life issues.

PSN Life Plan System

  • Letter Of Intent

    A Letter of Intent is not a legal document. But it ensures the future guardian or trustees have a road map that has all the important information of your loved one with special needs life. You can write yours in just 10 days!!

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  • 8 Action Steps

    Check these 8 Action Steps which PSN has created. These steps describes what is important and on priority for your special needs future. This ensures to the family providing a quality of life and security to their loved one with special needs.

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  • PSN SpecialCal

    How much money you require for the lifetime financial care of your child?  If you have already accumulated assets for your child how much more you need to provide for? Check with our Special Needs Calculator for some estimation on the amount of money you need to plan!!

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Where are you and your family on the Special Needs Financial Planning timeline?




    • Special Needs Planning 

      With a special needs dependent you need a guide to ensure that you have  a right plan for your family. Our LIFE PLAN SYSTEM does exactly that. By covering various aspects of your special needs lifetime care it helps you bring security and independence. Our area of expertise includes financial planning, tax efficiency, government benefits, special child trust, and facilitating communication with extended family members.

      We do not plan only for the special needs lifetime care but also helps parents plan for retirement, sibling college funding, adequate insurance coverage and other life goals. Our services offers guidance with key decisions and an easy to follow action plan that we continue to help manage over the years.

    • Foundational Financial Planning

      Many special needs families are not sure or not ready for comprehensive Life Plan System but still like to be prepared for the future. That’s where our Foundational Planning Services helps.  Here we asses your current financial situation. We then recommend strategies that enable both your family’s financial future – and your son or daughter’s financial future – to be secure.

      The Foundational Planning System develop strategies and helps families to  answer questions like how do I save for my child’s future? Do I need a trust? How do I make sure the money I’m saving for my child is enough? What happens if we are not there? Who would take care of the child and how would they have resources to do so?

    • Comprehensive Financial Planning

      While the majority of families we work with today have a loved one with special needs, that is not the case with all of the families we serve. The knowledge we have gained in the complex world of Special Needs Planning – including estate planning, tax planning, financial planning, government benefit planning, and legal documents – has allowed us to become that much more effective with every family we serve.

      Our expertise in Special Needs Planning has also proven a tremendous asset for families caring for aging parents, or when they themselves enter their senior years which requires a combination of asset positioning and protection strategies necessary to navigate the aging process.

Are You Prepared Well For Your Child Future?


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  • Free Ebook

    This Ebook guides you towards creating a comfort and secure future you wish for your child.

    The Benefits Of This E book :

    1. 8 Steps to plan for your special needs child lifetime care

    2. Covers various section of financial and legal planning

    3. Describes what is important and on priority for your child secure future

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