Plan Special Needs

We are a team of professionals – One Fee-Only Financial Planner and Other an Occupational Therapist.

Both of us have grown up in families where values in your life and a helping hand to others have more importance than your personal interest. It was a fate that the two of us met and within these values we ended-up in professions where helping others is the main inspiration of our lives.

Jitendra is a financial planner. He ensures that the financial aspects which have a large impact on the life of families are addressed efficiently. On other side Shweta brings with her rich experience of understanding the life of a special needs dependent family. By aligning these two areas of different profession the unique issues, financial and non-financial, of special needs children families are addressed effectively.

In both our cases the professional expertise and the experience we have gained have actually led us to our dedication to help families with special needs dependent. Our approach is well inclined towards understanding the families and ensuring they understand their requirement well. The planning for these families is not only about traditional goals but actually it’s planning for two generations. Our detailed planning ensures the needs of these two generations are understood well and addressed effectively.


Our Team