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In most families having a special needs child to care, writing a “Will” is considered to be the end solution for special needs child future. The assets are left to a person believing that the child will be taken care of well. But do you really know how your child will be taken care after you?

We believe that “Will” is just a small element of your planning for the child. In fact, even, creating trust will also not guarantee your child secure future unless you build a strong foundation. This can only be achieved by developing a comprehensive and flexible LIFE PLAN. This approach helps in identifying the available resources and what needs to be done to fund the child lifetime care. The life plan ensures the parent’s desires, hopes, and dreams for their child are fulfilled when they no longer able to properly care for the children.

Our 6 Step Life Plan System is a clearly defined process designed to create a Comfort, Security, and Independence around your life. The process works around different life stages of the special needs child and ensures that you have the piece of mind and there is always a close bonding in your family.

Our process begins with understanding your thoughts, experience and your awareness of your child life i.e. Your Story. Once we know about you and your family we work towards the child life stages to bring the detailed road map for your family addressing financial and legal issues.

Below are the 6 steps of PSN Life Plan System:

  1. Life Care Plan – Speaks about your life experience, your awareness and your preparation for the special needs child future.
  2. Child Transition Plan – There are phases of your child life which will bring issues which can be resolved only if you plan early. These stages can be the child transitioning to an adult phase, the child moving to an external environment, family shifting from one state to other and many other such situations. This step of your life plan helps you in identifying the obstacles and the solutions to sail through such a transition period.
  3. Special Needs Financial Plan – Here we draw the financial road map for your family and review it periodically to ensure your plan is always in sync with your dreams. See Financial Planning
  4. Legal Plan – We draw the detailed estate plan to address – What After You? We put in place all those legal documents, structures you need to prepare to give yourself a peace of mind. See Estate Planning
  5. Benefit Plan – What benefit you can receive for your child and how is what we work here. Though some of it may get covered in the financial and legal plan identifying benefits separately helps in knowing what resources you have available with you.
  6. Communication Plan – Finally planning is not complete unless you have communicated to people who are/will be involved in your child care. Letter Of Intent and other documents addressed here which ensures your vision to your loved ones is communicated among family members and all stakeholders in your child care.

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In your life plan, we as your financial and estate planner will work as a coach. Our role is to assist you in identifying the appropriate provisions for your child future. With help of a sound team of experts from various fields, we help you prepare the LIFE PLAN. The Life Plan covers a series of documents which works in creating a secure future for your child and your family.

After reading this you must be wondering what’s more there in it. Why not schedule a 60 min consultation with us where we will make you understand more about our LIFE PLAN SYSTEM.

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