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A special needs child-parent has to go through many challenges in caring for the child. There are social issues, emotional issues, and personal issues which demand a lot of attention. Then there are financial and legal matters which have to be addressed at the right time. If not planned ahead of the financial future of the child and the parents themselves can be jeopardized. But to plan on all these aspects any family will need a number of experts right from a doctor, a therapist, a school, a financial planner, an estate planner, and a chartered accountant. It’s difficult for any individual to coordinate with so many experts. With a lack of time and lack of resources, life leaves many aspects unattended and the journey to achieve financial freedom looks difficult.

The life plan system follows the life planning approach. we first interact with a special needs family to understand their preparedness and their concerns related to child care. We assist them in resolving some of their queries if not all. Needed we connect with different experts from various fields to answer them. Once addressed then we start with the engagement process. We sign for the first year engagement to draw the financial and legal roadmap. In the first year, we help families understand the complete roadmap and how they can fulfill their life requirements. Once the family has fully understood the planning aspects then we assist in following the roadmap. This phase of the life plan system involves implementing the plan, monitoring it and reviewing it periodically to ensure the family stay on course. The engagement with our life plan system can continue for the lifetime since we even have services for trust.

The life plan system is a comprehensive service for special needs children families. It involves guiding the families on various aspects of financial and legal issues in their life. Identifying special child financial requirement, managing investments, goals planning, Legal Guardianship, estate planning which include the formation of trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney some of the elements which PSN Life Plan System cover. The services are an ongoing basis where we do a periodic review of the aspects we have planned for the families. The services by Plan Special Needs under PSN Life Plan System caters even to the trust formed by the parents. We at Plan Special Needs also assist the trust and the trustees in managing special needs childcare. We also assist families in managing their personal and social issues in consultation with other experts. Thus services under Life Plan System are quite comprehensive and holistic in nature.

There are no criteria for us to engage with any special needs child family. If you are interested in knowing more about our services you can schedule your complimentary sessions with our advisor and we will explain to you the Life Plan System and its benefits.

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