Plan Special Needs
As you are aware that Plan Special Needs has been hosting webinars for the benefit of special needs children families. These webinars cover various aspects of financial and legal planning a family has to plan for. Starting from understanding the special needs child life stages, these webinars cover estimating child lifetime cost, insurance, and investment planning, tools of estate planning such as Will, Trust, Letter if Intent and Legal Guardianship to name a few. Even though the workshops touch upon different aspects, queries/concern remains around the parent’s mind. That’s why at the end of these Webinars we host a question and answers session to address such queries/concern of parents/caregivers/guardians attending the webinars. Though these Q&A sessions are hosted at the webinar we believe the answer to them is what most parents with special needs child would be seeking. So we have consolidated all the queries from our different webinars we have conducted and providing you the same with the answers. We are confident that these queries and their answers will help parents in understanding more about the planning they need to start today. If you have any further queries or concerns feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to address your concern.