Plan Special Needs

Is there any specific investment plans for special needs families in India?

As of now, there are no specific investments plans for special needs in India.

Are there any insurance plans for special needs?

No. There are no insurance plans for special needs in India.

What are the health insurance schemes available for a special needs child?

You can read below for the options of health insurance scheme for special needs children

Health Insurance Options

How term insurance benefits and how much to avail?

Term insurance is a protection against the financial loss which occurs due to unforeseen death of the breadwinner. The life insurance aims to takes care of the liabilities and the financial goals which need to be fulfilled. The term insurance coverage amount should cover the following :

  • Liabilities
  • Financial goals to be fulfilled
  • The lifetime care cost of the child.

Term insurance is the only product which can provide an instant estate for funding of the lifetime care cost of the child. Wealth creation is long term planning and it’s the unforeseen happening which needs financial protection. A term life insurance fulfils this requirement.