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Financial Planning for Special Needs Children families is slowly being recognized by Indian media. Hindu Businessline, Economic Times, Livemint, Business Standard, Dainik Bhaskar and other media groups present are bringing out concerns and unique issues related to such families. We too present our views and analysis through these media groups to generate more awareness.

Below are the contributions by the adviser:


#GetMoneywise – Let disability not keep you from taking charge of your finances

#GetMoneywise – Don’t play too safe with your money, look at ways to invest smartly

Why Financial Planning is the key?

Financial planning mistakes that parents with disabled children makes

Supreme Court ruling on insurance payments for disabled children a step in the right direction

Nayi Disha

Start thinking about Financial Planning

Three point agenda to secure your special needs child future

Financial planning for child with special needs

Choosing a guardian for your child

Setting up a Trust for your child

How to approach for financial planning?


How To Ensure Special Needs Care for Life?

Securing The Future of A Special Needs Child


LifeInsurance Consideration For Special Needs Children Families

Financial Planning Mistakes Special Needs Child Parents should avoid

Hindu Business Line

ABC Of Special Needs Child Trust

Writing a Will

Providing For Children With Special Needs

Financial Security for the Differently Abled

The Obstacles in their Path


Tools To Plan For Financial Security Of Your Child

Financial Planning for Special Needs Children Families

Outlook Money

Facing The Financial Challenge

Dainik Bhaskar


Zee Business

Money Guru