Plan Special Needs

Basics of Special Needs Planning

A webinar series to provide overall understanding of financial planning for special needs children families. The series is ideal for parents, grandparents, caregivers and any other person associated with legal care of a special needs child.

Tax Planning

For special needs children families too, tax planning is equally important simply because a tax is a complex matter and does not have straight answers. Also with so many changes in the financial world, tax planning needs to be reviewed at the time of each policy change. Many families often overlook tax advantages available to them as they remain unaware of the impact of the new policy. In fact, many do not even avail the income tax benefits. Also, much like inflation, taxes play a spoilsport for long-term wealth accumulation and with a combined blow, you can receive a nasty hit. Through this webinar special needs children families will be able to understand various income tax provisions and how they benefit in their financial planning.

Video recorded on April 23, 2018, by Jitendra P. S. Solanki available on YouTube.

The Scope of Estate Planning

A secure future for your loved ones is the primary objective of any estate plan. However, this objective hinges on implementing the right strategy. The purpose of any estate plan is to protect one’s wealth and transfer it to the legal heir as desired. This can happen during your lifetime or later. This estate plan is critical as it lays down clear wishes as to who receives how much money, property and any other inheritance. This webinar discusses all bout creating an effective estate plan, what it includes, what are the tools to be used and many others.

Video recorded on April 19, 2018, by Jitendra P. S. Solanki available on YouTube.

How To Plan For 2 Generations?

Financial planning for special needs children families is for two generations. Surely, the entire focus is on the child but then there are other family members too and any financial plan must include planning for both these generations. So the needs of parents, especially after retirement, and after their death, should be assessed and incorporated to complete the financial plan for a special needs child. Post the webinar families will be able to understand how to start planning, what to prioritize and how to do a holistic planning for the entire family and not only for the child.

Video recorded on April April 16, 2018, by Jitendra P. S. Solanki available on YouTube.

Understanding Special Needs Financial Planning

The challenges of special needs families are unique. Unlike traditional families, where parents plan for their children until marriage, and are usually relieved from their responsibilities thereafter, with a special needs child, parents need to provide never ending support. This webinar helps families to understand the different aspects of planning for their special needs child future.

Video recorded on April 11,2018, by Jitendra P. S. Solanki available on YouTube.

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Understand Special Needs Planning

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