Plan Special Needs

We are glad you are here. We are very respectful for the organizations that are supporting families with special needs dependent.

How We Assist You?

You are associated with such families and have been addressing the most difficult aspects of their life i.e. emotional. But we also are aware that these families often come to you asking how they should plan their future?. Since you are specialized in a particular area it difficult for you to answer these questions. That’s where we assist you.

Like you, we specialize in understanding financial and legal aspects of their life. We propose to work with you in ensuring the needs of families you are associated with can be addressed.

Here is what we will provide you:

  1. Set of question to ask families to open dialogues about their need beyond what you serve
  2. We will be a support team to help families to ensure they SAIL through easily in the future
  3. We will provide education to your staff or donors in understanding more about their requirements
  4. Educational seminars of families to learn about basics of special needs planning. We will help them understand different areas such as Guardianships, Will, Trust, Financials, and others
  5. We will provide you articles on special needs planning we have written and will write so that you can circulate among families you are associated with
  6. We will provide free booklets which you can distribute to families as a value-add resource

We are sure a bonding here will help you as an organization build the trust among the families. If you have any query kindly share below.