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The life of parent of a special need’s child is full of challenges and the parents themselves know it. Going through lot of emotions and stress, parents have to ensure that not only the child’s but their own life is meaningful too.

Parents Corner

The support of friends, relatives, and other family members is equally important for the care of the child. In the absence of any support, if anything happens to the parent, it leaves the child to the whims of providence. Then, whether the child is a girl or a boy matters. Parents of girl children have been found to be more highly concerned as it raises the possibility of abuse and neglect. The lack of adequate government resources and information makes the going get tougher.

But there are families who, in spite of all the difficulties, have accepted their life and have worked towards giving their special needs child a beautiful life. These families have not only dealt with the emotional aspects strongly but have also come ahead in planning for their child’s future on different aspects. Many of them are well prepared for the future and are providing motivation to other families who are still going through the early stages of their life with a special needs child.


PSN Speaks under Parents Corner is a series of talks with parents who have defied all odds to provide security to their special needs child’s future. In this series, parents narrate their emotions, their experiences, and their preparedness for their child’s future.

The objective of these real-life stories is to bring in front the challenges parents have faced and how they have overcome them. They might be living in different countries but their issues and their concerns are common.  

In the first of the series, we talked with Mr.Kirit Barot from New Zealand.

About Parent

Mr. Kirit Barot is a parent of a lovely daughter Pavitra Barot. Pavitra has Intellectual Disability and along with her parents, she lives in New Zealand. Though most of her upbringing has been in that country a social connect is always a concern for the parents beyond their lifetime. Realizing this Kirit has planned well not only on the financial aspects but has also created the right tools which can give his daughter security for her future post his lifetime.

In this one hour discussion Mr. Kirit Barot narrated his life experiences with a special needs daughter and how both the parents are planning for her future;


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