Plan Special Needs

pecial Needs Parenting is about raising a special needs child for lifetime which is beyond parents own life. In such a situation you as a parent do have bigger challenges to overcome then what we can think. There are many emotions and feelings which you go through while raising the child. Also, it’s a 24/7 hours schedule for you considering there is rest of the family to take care. Being so busy you generally do not get opportunity to see through other parent’s life that do have a similar path but filled with encouragement.

Through our Parents Corner we are trying to bridge this gap. We will bring stories/interviews of parents who are enjoying raising a special needs child. This collection of stories will help you in knowing how these parents are ensuring that they can bring a comfort, security and independence to their family. Also, these stories will give you tips and tools in different areas of financial planning, legal planning, schooling, how to balance a life between special needs child and other family members requirement, societal aspects and many others.

How We Do It?

Every month we will publish stories or interviews of parents who are raising a special needs child. These parents from across the globe will speak on how they have planned or planning for their lifetime. We will also showcase some case studies for you to learn more about parenting a special needs child.

Read these parents stories who are enjoying raising a special needs child:

Padma Jyothi
Prashant Singh
Srikanth Meenakshi

Share Your Story

As a parent of a special needs child you will have different experiences of your life. If you would like to share your story with other parents write to us. We do not have any limitations on what you can write. Feel free to send us your interest and we will ensure your story reaches to other parents.

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