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Padma Jyothi is a mother of 12 year old boy in Autism spectrum. In her own words parenting a special needs child makes you a much better person.

While raising her child she realized that there is lack of information on resources available for special needs children families. She wanted to change this and so initiated Parenting Autism India. Since then she never looked back.

Here is what she has to say about parenting a special needs child and her objective of starting Parenting Autism India:

  • Tell me how you discovered your child has a disability?

My son was diagnosed as having mild autism with developmental disability when he was two and half years old. When he turned two, he was a super active child, always on the run and his eye contact and speech was considerably reduced. Our paediatrician repeatedly assured that everything was fine. But we were afraid something was going on. Finally we went for second opinion and that paediatrician suggested that he may have Autism and recommended consulting a psychiatrist.

  • What fears do you have as a special needs parent, and how do you address them?

I think any parent of a child with special needs will have the same fear regarding the safety and well being of their child after them. It is the thought that keeps us awake at night and helps us to work relentlessly. The way we address this is by staying positive and teaching him all the necessary skills he needs. We have come a long way since we started our home schooling journey and we still have miles to go…

  • What things you have found to enjoy about having a child with special needs?

I feel I am a much better person now, more patient and understanding. I focus on more positive aspects of my life and my son has taught me that it is the small things in life that really matter. When he was younger, he had a really hard time connecting with me and now whenever I see him communicate and share his feelings and give me a lovely smile and a forehead kiss, it fills my heart with joy!

  • Is the concern of child care after you addressed?

We are working towards it.

  • Have you analysed your preparedness for your special needs child future along with your retirement? If not what has been the reason for delay?

We have been investing religiously for a while now so that both his financial well being and our retirement is taken care of.

  • Briefly describe about Parenting Autism India and its objective?

When we started home schooling, very little information was available regarding what kind of resources are helpful and I had to learn it the hard way. Many resources we have used over the years are reviewed on my website and I hope that parents finds that information useful and it makes their life a little bit easier.

You too can share your story with us and we will ensure it reaches to other parents.

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