Plan Special Needs

We thank you for being here. We know that you have great expertise and serve your clients best. At Plan Special Needs we help you in serving any of your client who may have special need dependent.

What We Do?

We have expertise in understanding special needs families. We do have alliances with many experts like accountants, lawyers, social workers,  doctors etc. Similarly, you will have alliances with such experts. Just like you work together with them to serve your clients we will also become part of your alliance to assist any of your client who has got special need dependent. Through this alliance, we will ensure the requirements for special needs families which extend beyond tradition planning are being addressed in right manner.

How Can We Engage?

We can work with you jointly where you remain the face for your client. Our objective is to ensure your clients who have a special needs dependent receive a proper assistance and guidance in fulfilling their life goals.

Write to us if you wish to know how we can help!