Plan Special Needs

Being a trustee of a trust with a special need beneficiary is not an easy job. The trust may have been funded with large assets and managing a big estate is always a daunting task when a fiduciary responsibility is at hand. You need expertise and time too. That’s where we assist you. Being a fiduciary planner we work independently with trustees, family members, friends and professional trustees to help them serve beneficiary with special needs.

How We Assist You?

The trust has large asset and so need efficient management. There will be a time when a trustee will need an opinion, an independent one, to take difficult decisions. Also, beneficiary needs may change and one needs regular assessment to ensure the distribution meets the requirement. When we assist you we hold a periodic meeting with trustees and work on the assessment of the beneficiary requirement. Since our engagement is for long-term these assessments are ongoing. Based on our assessment we give you advice which is aligned to each situation differently.

What Services We Give

  1. Advice in distribution of income to beneficiary
  2. Regular meeting with trustees, guardian and other service providers
  3. Assessment of other aspects of beneficiary requirement
  4. Assisting trustees in identifying different areas of services