Plan Special Needs

As a parent of a special needs child, you struggle with your working life and special child care. There is a lack of time and surely lack of right advisory to check on your preparedness for your child future. We have designed specifically for you a Life Plan Score Assessment test. This test will help you understand and identify the areas where you have to prepare for your child future.

 All of the above can’t be addressed if you haven't written a plan. Get your PSN Life Plan Scorecard and see if you are well prepared for tomorrow?

Check Areas Where You Are Not Prepared

The most difficult planning aspects for parents is knowing what to include. This assessment will identify those areas which you need to address while planning your child future.

Assess Areas Where You Need To Improve

You would have planned for your child future. But there may be areas where you may have to improve or relook. This assessment test brings out the scope of improvement in your planning.

Take The Step For Your Life Plan

Our PSN Life Plan System ensures that you address the various aspects of your child life while planning for his/her future. Complete the assessment test and take the step forward to plan for your family future.

What are you waiting for !! Take this self-assessment test and see what areas you have left unprepared. Post your assessment test we will assist you in your journey towards a secure future.