Plan Special Needs

Take The 1st Step In Planning

We are often asked what is the first step in special needs planning and completing your letter of intent is always the answer. This is something you can entirely complete by yourself without the need to hire a professional. It is the instruction manual for your child’s next caregiver and is essential to communicate your wishes Letter of Intent E-Courseto the next generation.

All the modules are professional guided by the experts and include action webinars that explain every question asked and describe why it is necessary to complete.

Module 1 is a biological narrative of you and your family

Module 2 details of all professionals, therapists, experts, organization that are significant and impactful for your child future

Module 3 is probably the most important module of this course because its put into written form what your wishes and expectations for your child when you are no longer here. The goal is to guide the next caregiver as to your overall desires for your child’s adult life.

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