Plan Special Needs

If you are not sure or not ready for comprehensive Life Plan System but still like to be prepared for the future then you can opt for Foundational Planning System. This services covers preparing Financial and Legal Plan. You can always add additional components from Life Plan System.

The various aspects which we cover in this service are:

  • Pre-counselling with expert for analysis of the disability, if needed
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Retirement planning incorporating needs of the special need
    Planning for the special need including cost analysis of the financial & non-financial support, residential needs, government entitlements, introducing other professional/agencies
  • Insurance planning including concern of the death/disability of parent or guardian
  • Estate Planning including guidance on appointing a guardian, writing a will or forming a trust for the special needs lifelong care
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning with recommendations on asset allocation strategies and option for long term wealth creation or generation of monthly income as needed for special needs member
  • All Goals Analysis – Cost and Funding
  • Discussion with other professionals for assisting on services where we do not have expertise

The service you can add on :

  1. Vision Plan
  2. Life Care Plan
  3. Transition Plan
  4. Communication Plan

After reading our services you must be wondering what’s more there in it. Well it’s difficult to illustrate everything here but we are working towards expanding our explanation to make it more understandable. In the mean time why not schedule a free 60 min consultation with us where we will make you understand more about the services and will give you some inputs on your queries.

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