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The year 2019 has just passed by and it’s the time when we review what we achieved and what we will achieve now. The past year has ended on high note for Plan Special Needs. When we entered in 2019 there was a mission for us to spread awareness among special needs children families on their financial & legal aspects.

Financial Planning For Special Needs Children Families

The Book is already there to reach more & more families. But still, we knew that there is a search for an answer to a lot of queries. How to answer this was our dilemma?. So we decided to work on a mission of addressing personally more than 500 families and make them aware of various aspects of special needs planning. We started well and pleased to share than we ended 2019 completing our mission. 2020 we are again on a year’s mission that we will share soon. But before that, let us review what we achieved in the year 2019 that is motivating us to reach higher in 2020.

PSN 2019 Initiatives for Special Needs Children Families

Well as I said above the mission was very clear- Address personally families with special need children. The number of 500 was a target to ourselves to ensure we can reach more. There were initiatives like Workshops, Webinars, FB live Sessions and many more.


The first month of 2019 was itself a huge motivation for us. January 2019 we did three workshops in Mumbai and addressed more than 100 families. This was a big breakthrough for us and we planned for more. In the year 2019 we addressed families’ in Indore, Bangalore, Chennai, Punjab, and Delhi/NCR successfully reaching our target of addressing more than 500 families. Each of these workshops was a great learning for us as we received a lot of queries from the families.

Media – Social, Print & Electronic

Media has been a good initiative for us to spread awareness. The first and foremost initiative for us were Webinars. We continued with our 2018 initiatives of Webinars in 2019 too. A new initiative we added in 2019 was Facebook Live sessions. Though webinars are an effective means of presenting our views, time is a constraint for many families. The objective behind launching Facebook Live Sessions was to explain things simply and in short sessions. We made it a monthly feature and satisfactorily conducted few of them. We ended 2019 in launching 2 minutes-tips, a video series which provide information  on certain aspects of planning for special needs child through weekly videos.

We are also very active through media groups and ensure that we cover various aspects of special needs planning while writing or speaking in media. This year too we did wrote and discussed in media to bring awareness among special needs children families.

Check our achievements here:


Media Contributions

PSN Life Plan System

This is close to our heart – PSN Life Plan System. A 6 step Life Plan System design by us to ensure we can plan holisticly for special needs children’s families. We refined the system in 2019 and came up with a well-structured Life Planning process that caters to different aspects of the life of a special needs child family. Along with financial and legal this service covers elements like transition phases, communication to family members, resource planning and many others. Pleased to share that we gained the trust of 30 special needs children families who engaged with us under the Life Plan System. These families are now in process to put in place a holistic life plan for their family future. We brought more services in 2019 for the benefit of the families and will continue to do so in 2020.


To reach more families we had also taken an approach to associate with people & organizations who work for the families. We tied up with Nayi Disha, BMI Foundation, Down Syndrome Federation of India, Doctors, Special Educators, Lawyers, NGOs and professionals like Shilpa Wagh to work towards our objective. We did a lot of programs and connected with a lot many families personally. We also participated in conferences that are focused on special needs children’s families. Overall 2019 was a good year of getting engaged with other professionals and organizations to reach our objectives.

The Year 2020 for Plan Special Needs

2020 has just begun. We are again on a mission to spread awareness among families and assist them in their life journey. We would be addressing personally at least 500 families in 2020.There are initiatives like monthly FB Live Sessions, Webinars & Workshops which we will continue. We will cover more cities and will reach small towns now to address more families. There are new initiatives like 2-minute-tips which we launched last year and we will focus  in 2020. PSN Life Plan System will grow and we aim to reach 70 families in the year 2020. We thank families who have trusted us in 2019.

To begin 2020 on a high note we are introducing A Step by Step e-Learning course for the families to write a Letter of Intent. This e-course will ensure parents, caregivers and legal guardians can take the first step towards planning for the child’s future. The course will go live in February 2020.Just stay connected for the introductory offer which is about to be launched!!

We wish all the families having a special needs child to care a happy, cheerful and prosperous year 2020!

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