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Estate Planning is an important element in ones financial plan. Without making provisions for clear  distribution of your estate when you are no more, no financial plan can be said to complete. But it may be easier said than done. There are succession laws which govern how the assets gets distributed if you do not make enough provisions or legal battles within the families disturb your succession planning.

A private trust is an effective tool for succession planning. It can cater to various needs in various situations. Globally this one tool is now being considered by many families to ensure the wealth they have built from years of hard work can be preserved and benefits can be passed on to the right heirs at right time.
What is a private trust, how the income of a private trust is taxed in India, How a Living trust is useful and many other concepts I have pen down in this series of article originally published in FPSB, India Journal. Read thr the series to know all about private trust an dits benefits-

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  1. Your 3 tabs on page on private trusts
    Read thr the series to know all about private trust an dits benefits-
    Estate Planning With Private Trust – Part 1 – Your Pocket Money
    Estate Planning With Private Trust-Part 2 – Your Pocket Money
    Estate Planning With Private Trust- Part 3 – Your Pocket Money

    are not opening
    I am interested to know how to select a reliable trustee company

    1. Dear Udayanda,

      Yes there are some technical issues due to which the links are not working.

      We are trying to improve upon it.

      With regards to selecting a reliable trustee company can you elaborate on your trust objective. I will be then share some resource on selecting a suitable trustee.

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