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Dear All,

We have left behind 2018 and just celebrated 2019. There is a lot to learn from what we did in the last year. But importantly there is a lot to think about how we are going to approach the year 2019. We are grateful to friends, relatives and the families of our esteemed clients who have supported us. We are privileged to be working with special needs children families and creating a difference in their lives.

Flashback 2018

Let’s take a look at what we did in 2018. The year 2018 started with the launching of the book “Financial Planning for families having children with special needs”.  The book received an overwhelming response and so was the feedback. Have a look at the event and the reviews –

Delhi 4 Delhi 2 Delhi 3 Book Launch Delhi

Book Reviews

Next, we were privileged to present our views in print and electronic media. We shared our stories on how families having special needs children can plan their future. Apart from well-established media groups we also tied up with few organizations who work for special needs families. Parenting Autism India, Nayi Disha and Newz Hook are few organizations where we have contributed in 2018.

We are pleased that we wrapped up 2018 on a high note: Featured in the most recent columns of Economic Times Wealth and LiveMint.  Both the articles give inputs on financial & planning and tell the stories of parents who have a special needs child. Read the articles here:

How to Plan for a Special Kid’s Future?

How to ensure a special child is cared for life?

The most important event for us in 2018 was educational events for the families. We started organizing small parents group workshop in our office. Soon we were able to hold workshops at Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Noida. The overwhelming response we received from these workshops motivates us to continue with this initiative in 2019. The other event we aimed at was webinars for the families. We tied up with Parenting Autism India and Nayi Disha and delivered over 12 webinars touching different aspects of financial and legal planning for the families.

We ended the year 2018 again on a high note: Conducted a webinar exclusively for parents having a special needs child.

View our Join Our Workshop section here to see what we are doing for the families. For the list of webinars visit our Resources section.

Lastly, we have been engaging with special needs children families for different services and we are again overwhelmed by the response we have received in 2018.

Overall, the year 2018 was quite eventful and helpful for us. We achieved our targets of helping families in tackling the daunting task of planning for their unique requirements. With new year its time now to look forward and see how we can plan for the future.

The year 2019

At Plan Special Needs we have different services to help families with special needs dependents. Some of these services are aimed at answering specific queries while some of them such as PSN Life Plan helps you to cover your goals and make long-term plans. Here step by step we help families to achieve their life goals. The other services such as Estate Planning cover specific elements such as Will drafting, Trust formation etc. while Consultation services will cover specifics like insurance planning, knowing about legal guardianship, etc..

Then there are educational workshops/webinar series which provides information, inputs, and ideas to address specific instances of life. Here is a brief summary of all our services and we are hopeful it will inspire you to start planning in 2019!!

PSN Life Plan

This is our Core service. Under our life planning system, we understand the families unique requirements when they have a special needs child to care. We work with families to draw a road-map for different life stages like child minority, the transition of minor to adult, parents retirement etc. We then plan for resources/assets necessary to protect the special child future. Once the life plan is created we update it annually to accommodate changes which family will witness and plan for requirements which can come up additionally to what they have planned.

Estate Planning

This service is intended to help the families draft a comprehensive estate plan to address – “ What after us”. Here we will help families in understanding the legal issues which can arise during the child lifetime care. Then we assist families in drafting estate planning tools such as Will, Trust Deed, Letter of Intent and other documents which will be required to plan for the child future.

Consultation Services

This service is intended to help families who would have planned for their child future but are looking for an answer to some specific elements. How much insurance to buy, the second opinion on disability, knowing legal guardianship process etc. are kind of specific issues we address here.

Private Trust

Here we provide services to a private trust. Knowing that trustees may not have the same level of awareness as parents we handhold them to manage special needs child affairs through the trust. Identifying special child requirement, management of assets, discussion with other professionals are some of the areas we assist them.

Educational Workshops/Webinars

We are conducting educational seminars/workshops/webinars for the benefit of families having special needs dependent to care. 2018 we did many and will continue in 2019. We are also open to any speaking assignments.


Well!! New Year 2019 has begun and it has brought new hopes, dreams and some resolutions. We will continue with our contributions and educational events for benefit of parents, non-profit and community organizations.   We are committed to helping special needs children families in reaching their financial goals. Our commitments stand firm in 2019 too. We are starting January 2019 on a heavy note again with five educational workshops. So lot more to come from us and we are happy to answer your queries.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2019!!!

Plan Special Needs Team

Jitendra P.S.Solanki, CFP, CTEP, MCSI, RIA

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