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A good annuity product can be a boon for families with special needs children to care. A product like this can generate a fixed income for the lifetime of the child which is the major concern for any parent. However, annuities from life insurance products have failed to meet this objective.

LIC Jeevan Shanti is an annuity product which has provision for special needs dependent. Not having enough options for generating regular income the product is of keen interest to the families.  But before you buy an annuity it’s wiser to asses.

LIC Jeevan Shanti

Let’s review and see to what extent you can rely on these product for providing a regular income to your special need child care-

What is Annuity?

In general terms it is a fixed stream of payment for a life term or for a pre-defined period. In insurance, this is received through lump-sum investment or by making a regular contributor for a defined period. The main objective of an annuity is to counter the risk of longevity and to some extent, inflation.

Type of Annuities

There are two basic types of annuities designed in the thus LIC insurance product:

  1. Deferred : In this option, the payments start after a specific period which maybe 5 years to 40 years. While buying the product you decide from when you wish to receive the annuity payouts.
  2. Immediate: Here the payment starts from next month or within a year of investing in the product.

LIC Jeevan Shanti has both these type of annuities. But you have to pay a lump sum amount to purchase any of these annuities. Based on what life stage you are annuity option can be decided.

Payout Options Under LIC Jeevan Shanti

It has following options for annuity payout:

  1. A lifetime without return of purchase price: The annuity is paid lifetime and stops once the investor dies. The principal amount (purchase price) is retained by the company.
  2. A lifetime with the return of purchase price: Here the annuity is paid lifetime to the investor and the purchase price is returned to the nominee after his/her death.
  3. Annuity guaranteed for a certain period: Annuity is paid for a defined period, say 10 0r 20 years, irrespective of survival of policyholder. Beyond this, the amount is paid only to the policyholder until he/she dies.
  4. Joint Annuity: Here, the spouse gets the annuity for a lifetime after the death of the primary annuitant. Within this joint life, there is an option where the surviving spouse is paid 50% or 100%. In the other options post both the spouse, the purchase price is returned to the nominee.
  5. Increasing Annuity– Here the annuity is enhanced by 3% on a yearly basis till the lifetime of the annuitant.

Detailed features can be read at below link:

LIC Jeevan Shanti

Benefit for Special Needs Dependent

This LIC product has specifically mentioned benefit for disabled dependent. Here there are 2 options available to special needs children families-

  1. The first one is the annuity to the policyholder till his/her lifetime with return of purchase price. By making the disabled dependent as beneficiary the purchase price will be returned to him/her in the form of annuity.
  2. In the second option the disabled dependent can be added as a secondary annuitant. On death of the proposer the annuity will be paid to the second annuitant which is the disabled dependent.

In both the options the annuity is coming to the special needs dependent fulfilling the need of regular income. The other larger benefit in the product is that the minimum pension criteria and age eligibility will not apply. This means more families can consider buying annuity for their special needs child lifetime.

The Returns from the Product

The rate of annuity in the product changes with age and features. However for families with special needs dependent the product list out a lower purchase price than the given rates. This means the product has higher annuity payout in case of disable dependent. As per the rates offered by the company below is the annuity payout for Rs 10 lakh investment:

 Immediate Annuity


Age last birthday Yearly annuity amount under annuity option
(A) (D)
(15 yrs
(F) (G) (H) (I) (J)
30 70134 69828 66156 51060 69012 67890 66054
40 73194 72684 66462 54528 71460 69828 66258
50 79212 77784 66870 60954 76254 73500 66564
60 90942 86250 67482 72888 85638 80844 67074
70 114912 97878 68502 97062 105120 96858 67992
80 182640 104508 70032 162648 156834 137556 69216

Source: The Financial Express

Deferred Annuity

Age last birthday Deferment Period
5 10 15 20
30 89718 121950 166116 220278
35 90330 123684 168564 220380
40 91146 125724 170808 217626
45 92166 128172 172236 210690
50 93594 130824 172848 196104
55 95328 134088 169176 173562
60 97674 137352 156222 149592
65 101040 136230 137556 N.A.
70 105426 127050 N.A. N.A.
75 108486 N.A N.A. N.A.

Source: The Financial Express

Looking at above chart the annuity returns are higher in 2 options-

  1. If you start receiving monthly income at higher age
  2. If you choose to receive pension only for yourself

For special needs children families the purchase price will be lowered for the same annuity given above.  For some other benefit like policy bought online or higher investment amount LIC will enhance the annuity rate.

Disadvantages of Annuity Products in India

In India annuity products have not seen much of the success. Pension plans were bought heavily by investors but the decision was more from the tax saving perspective. The reasons are manifold which need to be addressed in order to make this a viable option. Given below are some of the reasons due to which annuity products have lost attraction among the investors:

  1. Annuities are illiquid. Annuitants forfeit the option to liquidate and exit in case of unforeseen expenditure.
  2. Generally, in fixed income assets, the basic principal is returned to the survivors if the investor dies. In annuity products, the option of leaving bequeath to the family is very limited and the cost an investor pay is too high.
  3. Return from annuity products has been the major concern for the investors. The returns in the past have averaged 6%.Even in Jeevan Shanti the returns are higher only when you opt for yourself or starts income at higher age.
  4. Inflation Risk-  Most annuities provided in India are fixed for the term. Since inflation erodes the value of money, with increase in longevity, even a small increase compound the losses. Hence inflation adjusted annuities are need of the hour. Though LIC Jeevan Shanti has a 3% increase feature bit it does not help in beating inflation.
  5. Taxability –  Annuity is taxable at ones income tax slab which means a much lower income in your hand. Even if you earn 7-8% but are in the highest tax slab what you get in hand will be a fairly lower amount.

Alternative Options

Annuities are for life time and there is no limit to amount of investment. However, the average return offered, taxability, flexibility and inflation risk makes it unviable choice to rely upon completely. The age at which you wish to have annuity the rates may not favor. Contrary to this mutual funds have been found to be more tax efficient investment and you are able to address inflation. Then there are fixed income options which would have offered a fixed interest at bit higher rates.

 Is It Favorable for Special Needs Families

Though any product which can offer life time regular income will be a good option. But if the product do not factor in inflation and tax efficiency then you cannot rely upon completely. For special need children families even though pension may come to special needs child-  who manage it and how needs to be addressed. Also the benefit of annuity will be post parents lifetime. Till then it will be received by the parents which may get taxed at higher rates.

Considering all these features it will be difficult choice for special needs children families to rely upon an annuity product. The requirements will increase with inflation but the pension income will not. This will create a huge gap going forward. If the taxability of the annuity income is at higher rate the contribution required will be too high to earn the desired income. Hence it’s advisable to consider annuity product partly for your requirements and look at alternatives like mutual funds to enhance your income.


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  1. Dear sir,

    Kindly guide me how to purchase this plan for my child, she is special child.

    How much we need to invest etc.

    1. Dear Mr. Rakesh,

      You can purchase it from LIC. You can contact any agent in your city or directly the company. But ensure you choose the right option for your special needs child.

    2. For Investment amount you will have to work on how much income you require for your daughter,. Then only you can calculate how much amount you should invest for receiving the same amount of income . There is no maximum limit so you can choose the amount to invest.

    1. Sure Mr. Rajeev.

      Provide me your contact number or call me at 9971845454 to schedule our meeting.

    1. Siva,

      Yes you can. Since the annuity will be first received by you the minimum age criteria for you will apply. Your son will receive annuity only after your demise. So you should be above the minimum age required to invest. But do check if annuity received by you and then your son is going to be sufficient.

  2. Dear Jeitendra
    I am 67 years of age from pune.
    My son 41 years disabled will mot be able to work and earn. Need your advice

    1. Dear Mahesh,

      Kindly elaborate what advice you need.

      You can call me at 9971845454 to discuss or write here.


  3. My son is 20 years old , I am 65 years. He has 40% disability, I want to buy an annuity scheme so that after say 15 years he can get at least a sum of 15000 rupees per month. How much will I have to invest now.

    1. Dear Mr. Amit,

      We highlighted the features of the product. For actual quote based on your age and horizon any LIC agent will have to be approached. If you are in Delhi/NCR you can let us know. Else if you are from different city you can contact any agent and he will give you the exact quote.

  4. Useful information.

    Can you contact on 9867414764 for more detailed query on supporting the financial needs of a special child?

  5. I am widower of 45
    My husband died due to covid 19 in may 2021
    I also suffered from covid 19
    I am facing some complication
    My child 12 year age is 80% disable
    How to protect her financial need
    I have some fund for this

    1. Hi,

      Kinldy give your contact number so that we can call and discuss with you. Also you can call us at 9971845454.

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